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Pack something in

If you pack something in, you abandon it or give it up
  Example:  She found city life so stressful, she decided to pack it in and move to the country

Pass the buck

If you say that someone is passing the buck, you are accusing them of not taking responsibility for a problem and letting others deal with it instead
  Example: Whenever a customer comes to complain, she always finds a way of looking busy.  Talk about passing the buck

Pick someone's brains

If you pick someone's brains, you ask questions about a particular subject in order to obtain advice or information
   Example: Could we have lunch together? I'd like to pick your brains about something

Place in the sun

If you find a place in the sun, you reach a position which provides you with wealth and happiness or whatever you have been hoping to obtain in life
 Example: She finally found a place in the sun with the triumph of her most recent book

Play the game

If you play the game, you accept to do things according to generally- accepted customs or code of behavior
 Example: Not all website owners play the game. Some download content from others without permission

Poker face

Someone who has a poker face has an expressionless face that shows no emotion or reaction at all
 Example:  He sat with a poker face all through the show, revealing nothing of his thoughts

Pull the plug on something

If you pull the plug on something, you put an end to it or provide no more support for it
 Example: There were so few enrolments that the school decided to pull the plug on the yoga class

Put someone in their place

If someone causes offence or irritation by speaking or behaving in an inappropriate manner, you put them in their place by letting them know that they are not as important as they seem to believe
 Example: The new trainee is not in a position to criticize our methods.  He needs to be put in his place

Raining cats and dogs

If it's raining cats and dogs, it's raining very heavily
 Example: We'll have to cancel the picnic I'm afraid.  It's raining cats and dogs


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