Idioms N

Neck and neck

In a contest or competition, when two competitors reach the same level, they are said to be neck and neck, so it is impossible to say who will win
 Example: At the moment the two teams are neck and neck for the World Cup

Neither here nor there

Something which is neither here nor there is unimportant or irrelevant
 Example: Why the problem wasn't discovered earlier is neither here nor there. What's important now is to find a solution

Never looked back

If you say that you have never looked back, you mean that after an  event which changed your life for the better, you continue to be happy  with the situation
 Example: Since the day she decided to work from home, she has never  looked back

Next to nothing

The term next to nothing means a very small amount or almost nothing
Example: My boots were a real bargain.  I bought them for next to nothing in the sales

Night owl

Someone who is lively and active at night and goes to bed very late is called a night owl
Example: I work better in the evenings than in the morning.  My friends say I'm a night owl

No dice

If someone asks you for something and you reply "no dice" you mean that it is impossible or it can't be done
Example: Can you lend me your car?  Sorry, no dice

لغتنامه آنلاین

به منظور سهولت کاربران سایت آموزشگاه زبان آثار به صورت آزمایشی لغتنامه آنلاین بر روی سایت قرار گرفته است. و در آینده نسخه قابل دریافت آن نیز ارائه خواهد شد. نقطه نظرات شما می تواند ما را در هر چه پربار تر کردن پایگاه وب آثار یاری نماید. برای مشاهده لغتنامه آنلاین ، کلیک نمایید.


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