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Wait for the cat to jump

If you wait for the cat to jump, or to see which way the cat jumps, you delay taking action until you see how events will turn out
Example:  Let's wait for the cat to jump before we decide

Walk on air

When you are happy and excited because of a pleasant event that makes you feel as if you are floating, you are walking on air
Sophie has been walking on air since her painting won the first prize

Watch one's step

If you tell someone to watch their step, you are advising them to be careful how they behave or speak in order to avoid getting into trouble
There is zero tolerance in this school for bad behavior so watch your step

While the going is good

If you take an action while the going is good, you do something before the situation changes and it becomes impossible
There's a 50% discount on subscriptions this month.  I think I'll subscribe while the going is good

Window shopping

When people go window shopping, they look at things in shop windows, without actually purchasing anything
Example:  I haven't been paid yet, so I can only go window shopping

Writing on the wall

This expression refers to a situation in which there are signs showing that a problem is going to occur
Example: We all knew that Tom was going to lose his job, but Tom refused to see the writing on the wall

لغتنامه آنلاین

به منظور سهولت کاربران سایت آموزشگاه زبان آثار به صورت آزمایشی لغتنامه آنلاین بر روی سایت قرار گرفته است. و در آینده نسخه قابل دریافت آن نیز ارائه خواهد شد. نقطه نظرات شما می تواند ما را در هر چه پربار تر کردن پایگاه وب آثار یاری نماید. برای مشاهده لغتنامه آنلاین ، کلیک نمایید.


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